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Taylor by Shapes

Each body's unique dimensions help define its fundamental voice. Choosing a body shape is often a good way to narrow your guitar search and find a guitar that feels right for your needs; from small and intimate to big and powerful.

Grand Orchestra (GO)

The Gentle Giant

Length: 20-5/8"
Width: 16-3/4"
Depth: 5"

• Taylor's biggest, most complex voice
• Incredibly balanced for a big-bodied guitar
• Specially braced to respond to a light touch

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Grand Symphony (GS)

The Big Bold Strummer

Length: 20"
Width: 16-1/4"
Depth: 4-5/8"

• Rich, powerful voice that also responds to a light touch
• Piano-like bass, meaty midrange, strong treble shimmer
• Good fit for dynamic strummers & pickers

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Grand Auditorium (GA)

The Jack of All Trades

Length: 20"
Width: 16"
Depth: 4-5/8"

• Tonal balance & versatility
• Pleasing blend of warmth, clarity & sustain
• Responds well to fingerstyle and light/medium strumming & picking

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The Throwback Performer

Length: 20"
Width: 16"
Depth: 4-5/8"

• A strong "modern vintage" voice
• Low-end power balanced by snappy mids & clear trebles
• Responsive to driving flatpicking/strumming

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Grand Concert (GC)

The Comfortable Friend

Length: 19-1/2"
Width: 15"
Depth: 4-3/8"

• Small size & short-scale design for playing comfort
• Clear voice with controlled overtones & top-end chime
• Fits well in a mix with other instruments

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GS Mini

Scaled Down without Skimping on Sound

Length: 17-5/8"
Width: 14-3/8"
Depth: 4-7/16"

• Scaled-down Grand Symphony body
• Great for all playing styles
• Considered a modern-day parlor guitar

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Travel Guitars

Compact & Scaled-Down

If you want a guitar that's extra portable for traveling, something that's easy for kids to play, or just a comfortable option for cradling on the couch at home, these make a great choice.

Choose from the Baby Taylor, Big Baby or GS Mini.

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Electric Guitars

Hollowbody T5z

The sleeker, more compact electric/acoustic hybrid.

Hollowbody T5 Series

The full-range electric/acoustic hybrid.

Semi-Hollowbody T3 Series

Coil-splitting, tone-shaping fun.

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Taylor by Woods

A guitar's woods – plus the design techniques of the builder – help season its overall sound. A guitar's top (or soundboard) is the first filter and generator of the amplified string sound, and as such, it has a huge impact on the sound of the guitar. The back and sides help flavour the overall sound.

Hawaiian Koa

A fairly dense tropical hardwood, koa shares some of the same properties as mahogany, namely a strong midrange focus, typically with a bit of extra top-end brightness and chime. The more a koa guitar is played and has a chance to open up (especially an all-koa guitar) the more its midrange overtones add a sense of warmth and sweetness to its voice. Koa's initial brightness can be softened by fingerstylists who play with the pads of their fingers.

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Mexican rosewood, cocobolo is a dense, stiff tropical hardwood that produces a fairly bright overall tone emphasized by sparkling treble notes. Sonically it resembles koa but resonates a little deeper on the low end, although not quite as deep as Indian rosewood. Fast and responsive, cocobolo's note distinction gives it an articulate voice that responds well to a variety of playing styles, depending on the body shape.

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Brazilian Rosewood

It has the right balance for a singing, ringing tone quality. There are other great woods, but the sheer uniqueness of Brazilian rosewood's personality traits have made it the most sought after back and side wood for as long as steel string flat top guitars have been made.

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Indian Rosewood

Indian rosewood's sweeping frequency range at both ends of the tonal spectrum has made it one of the most popular and musically rich tonewoods. Its deep lows can assert a throaty growl, while bright, sparkling treble notes ring out with bell-like, high-fidelity clarity. If you crave a full-range acoustic voice with complex overtones and plenty of sustain, a rosewood guitar won't disappoint.

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Traditionally known for having a bright, focused tone with a fast note decay that cuts through a mix, Taylor maple guitars were revoiced for 2015 to elicit greater warmth, complexity, volume, sustain and responsiveness, while retaining maple's naturally clear, linear qualities. The result is a more multi-dimensional sound that gives players the kind of musical versatility of other classic tonewoods.

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Tropical Mahogany

Mahogany differs from rosewood in that its tonal character comes through its meaty midrange, featuring a strong fundamental focus often described as "punchy," "woody," or "dry" because it doesn't produce a lot of ringing overtones. Mahogany's earthy voice has been featured on many roots music recordings over the years, from country blues to folk to rock.

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An African relative of rosewood, ovangkol shares many of rosewood's tonal properties, including a wide spectrum from lows and highs. Differences include a slightly fuller midrange and a bright treble response resembling that of koa. While it lacks the classic cachet of more traditional tonewoods, its tonal versatility has made it a popular choice among players at every level.

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Sapele was introduced to the Taylor line in the late 1990s as an alternative to mahogany and someetimes is mistakenly referred to as African mahogany. Its output is consistent and balanced across the tonal spectrum, making it compatible with a diverse range of playing styles. Compared to mahogany, sapele tends to be harder, which results in a slightly brighter sound with more top-end shimmer.

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Sitka Spruce

Spruce is the undisputed king of stringed instrument soundboards because it's relatively light yet stiff and strong in the right ways, with a high degree of elasticity that helps translate the player's picking or strumming into clear acoustic tone. Sitka generates a broad dynamic range and accommodates numerous playing styles, from aggressive strumming to light fingerpicking. Spruce is the wood used Taylor's top and back bracing.

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Western Red Cedar

Cedar is less dense than spruce; the softness adds tone warmth, especially for players with a softer touch. Cedar is louder than spruce; players with a strong attack are often better paired with spruce, as they would be more likely to overdrive cedar, creating a more distorted sound at higher volumes. Cedar pairs well with nylon-string models because of its responsiveness to the strings, which produce less overall energy than a steel-string guitar.

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Layered Woods

Crafting guitars with backs and sides of layered woods conserves tonewood resources (a veneer log will produce eight times the yield of a log that’s sawn for solid-wood guitar sets) and offer players a resilient, affordable and great-sounding instrument. The process allows Taylor to bend an arch into the back of the guitar for added strength, and together with the layered approach produces a durable guitar that travels well and holds up better to fluctuating humidity conditions. All layered wood guitars feature a solid-wood soundboard, which means the sound of the guitar will improve as it ages.

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Taylor by Series

Limited Editions

These series offers premium guitars with unique aesthetic appeal, and may be inspired by any number of circumstances, from the acquisition of a rare batch of striking tonewoods to special occasions. In some cases limiteds embody the latest guitar-making ideas; in others they offer value-added models at an appealing price point. Always a showcase of inspiration, Taylor limited editions give Taylor enthusiasts a chance to own a model of great distinction that only a select group of owners will share.

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Each set of cocobolo deemed worthy of Taylor's Presentation Series is a unique work of art, as showcased by the hardwood’s fiery hues and dramatic stripes and swirls of variegation. Exquisite craftsmanship follows every line of the guitar, as thin ribbons of sparkling paua trace the top, back, sides and fretboard. The most striking design feature is a sleek ebony armrest, which supplies a harmonious marriage of form and function, offering players a beautiful and ergonomic contour that paves the way to effortless picking and prevents unintended dampening of the soundboard.

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  • Taylor's most exotic, visually striking premium guitar: all-koa construction, shaded edgeburst body, and rich wood detailing
  • Fluid Island Vine fretboard inlay in blackwood & maple with matching peghead inlay
  • Wood-rich appointments: rosewood binding, maple/rosewood rosette, and maple top trim
  • Tone profile: strong midrange focus with extra top-end brightness
  • Tone will get warmer as the guitar opens up over time
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  • Taylor's most luxurious class of rosewood/spruce guitars
  • Premium wood & abalone details (inlays, binding, purfling, backstrap)
  • Same tone-enhancing features as the 800 Series (customized wood thickness for each body style, Advanced Performance bracing, thin finish, protein glues).
  • Beveled ebony armrest for extra playing comfort
  • Gotoh tuners (21:1 gear ratio) for smooth tuning
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The flagship series was completely reconceived for Taylor's 40th in 2014, and showcases tonal enhancements that uniquely optimize the tone profile of each body shape. Voicing refinements include custom-calibrated bracing and wood thicknesses for each shape; protein glues that enhance the tonal transfer; thinner finish to reduce the tonal dampening on the wood; and customized string sets for the Grand Concert and Grand Auditorium. Among the fresh aesthetic strokes are rosewood purfling that outlines the top and frames the abalone rosette; a rosewood pickguard; new Element fretboard inlay; and a marbled ebony fretboard.

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  • Tonewood pairing: Indian rosewood back/sides, Lutz spruce top
  • Lutz spruce tops (rather than Sitka) voiced with Performance bracing produce a bold response that emphasizes a fundamental focus and gives back whatever the player puts into the guitar
  • Appointments showcase a warm, earthy aesthetic led by wood-rich details, plus an optional Western Sunburst top for a rootsy Americana vibe
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Taylor has applied its latest tone-enhancing design to the maple 600s for 2015; a transformation of maple's historically bright tone profile into a richer, warmer, more complex voice. Refinements include custom-calibrated bracing and wood thicknesses for each shape; protein glues that enhance the tonal transfer; thinner finish to boosts volume and responsiveness; hand-rubbed Brown Sugar stain; grained ivoroid fretboard inlay motif; ebony binding with grained ivoroid body purfling; an abalone rosette edged in ebony and ivoroid; a striped ebony pickguard; and Taylor nickel tuners.

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The natural compression of the mahogany top can handle the liveliest of pickers and strummers, responds well to players with a strong rhythmic attack, and because of its strong fundamental tonal character, behaves well with other instruments in a stage or recording context. Smaller-body models like the Grand Concert make a great choice for snappy blues fingerpicking, while an all-mahogany Dreadnought will hold up to rootsy flatpickers. Throwback appointments include a black pickguard, ivoroid binding, and Heritage Diamonds fretboard inlay in ivoroid. Alternative soundboard options include spruce or cedar.

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For years Taylor's popular 400 Series have given players a lively, versatile musical voice that delivers a broad range of tones comparable to rosewood. New for 2015, 400s have earned a well-deserved aesthetic and performance upgrade: an all-gloss finish beautifully highlights ovangkol's golden brown colors and rich variegation, while the Expression System 2 pickup projects an amplified tone that's both dynamic and detailed. Another addition for 2015 is the deep-voiced new Grand Orchestra 418e. White binding and Italian acrylic dots supply clean, crisp counterpoints that complete the contemporary look.

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The 300 Series marks the gateway to the tonal complexity of an all-solid-wood guitar experience. Sapele back and sides are topped with soundboard choices of either Sitka spruce or mahogany; the latter of which produces a slightly warmer, darker sound compared to spruce's more brilliant response. New for 2015, 300s include Expression System 2 acoustic electronics for an amplified tone that's articulate, balanced and responsive to a player's touch. Appointments include a black pickguard, Italian acrylic dot inlays and black binding with white purfling.

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The 200 Series offer three core models: two steel-strings and one nylon-string, each with a cutaway and performance-ready electronics. Body styles include Grand Auditorium and Dreadnought featuring layered rosewood back and sides, solid spruce soundboards, slightly narrower 1-11/16" neck, white binding, satin-finish back and sides with a gloss top, and a Taylor hardshell gig bag. New for 2015, the 200 Deluxe Series offers more non-cutaway models, several layered wood and color options, a full-gloss body plus a Taylor hardshell case.

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The 100's smooth playability, clear and balanced tone, and high-end craftsmanship is designed to lift your playing to the next level. Body styles include Grand Auditorium and Dreadnought; featuring layered sapele with a solid Sitka spruce top, slightly narrower 1-11/16" neck (1-3/4" for 300 Series and up), both cutaway and non-cutaway options, black binding, an all-matte finish and a Taylor gig bag. The 12-string Dreadnought 150e, which made a big splash in its 2014 debut, may just be the best-playing 12-string for the money.

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GS Mini

The much loved travel-size guitar locates the sweet spot where compact design and full-voiced acoustic sound converge. The smaller Grand Symphony footprint and shorter 23-1/2" scale length deliver plenty of playing comfort, while the full-size soundhole provides a blanket of great tone. Features layered sapele back and sides with a choice of a solid spruce or mahogany top, and come pre-fitted for the easy-to-install ES-Go pickup. Both premium models come with a ES-T pickup for clear amplified tone: GS Mini-e RW (layered rosewood, solid spruce top) and GS Mini-e Koa (layered Hawaiian koa, solid koa top - new for 2015).

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Big Baby & Baby Taylor

This mini-Dreadnought is a starter-size for kids and musical companion for travelers. It has been adapted in creative ways from high-stringing it to setting it up to play lap slide, to alternate tunings. The 15/16-scale Big Baby offers an affordable nearly full-size option. New for 2015, an optional Expression System Baby (ES-B) pickup, which incorporates piezo design elements from the Taylor ES2. The pickup is powered by an onboard preamp which includes a built-in digital chromatic tuner. The preamp/tuner unit features an LED display for tuning and low battery indication, along with Tone and Volume controls.

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T5z, T5 & T3

Since its debut in 2005, Taylor's crafty chameleon, the T5, has been blurring the line between an amplified acoustic and electric guitar by packing a sweeping range of tones into the same instrument, from shimmering acoustic chords to wailing rock solos, with a heap of tonal flavours in between. Such fluid versatility gives gigging and recording players an inspiring tool that can switch musical gears with the flick of a switch. The T5z is a more compact take on hollowbody hybrid where as the T3 is a semi-hollow with signature Taylor design.

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Taylor by Category


Taylor's unique, hybrid nylon-string design gives players all the distinctive tonal flavours of a Spanish/Classical guitar, but with a sleek, ultra-playable neck that Taylor is known for. If you're used to a steel-string neck, you'll love the comfortable feel, along with modern design features like a cutaway and onboard electronics.

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On 12-Fret models, the neck meets the body at the 12th fret rather than the 14th, and the bridge is repositioned on the soundboard. The result is a slightly warmer, sweeter, more vintage sound. The Grand Concert body also incorporates a short-scale 24 7/8-inch neck that makes fretting easier.

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A standard acoustic guitar category, most Taylors are 6-string models, and are offered with steel strings or nylon strings in a variety of shapes, woods and appointments.

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You'll be hard-pressed to find a 12-string that's as easy to play as a Taylor, and with Taylor's excellent intonation, keeping it in tune won't be a chore. Most Taylor 12-strings feature the GS body shape, which helps blend a rich low end with wonderful articulation and tonal balance.

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Travel/Small Body

Compact, scaled-down design defines these guitars. If you want a guitar that's extra portable for traveling, something that's easy for kids to play, or just a comfortable option for cradling on the couch at home, these make a great choice. Choose from the Baby Taylor, Big Baby or GS Mini.

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The T5 has been blurring the line between an amplified acoustic and electric by packing a sweeping range of tones into the same instrument, from shimmering acoustic chords to wailing rock solos, with a heap of tonal flavours in between. The T5z is a more compact take on hollowbody hybrid, the T3 is a semi-hollow with signature Taylor design.

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Left Handed

To our lefty friends: you can order any standard Taylor model either as a straight-up lefty or a lefty strung right-handed at no additional charge. In case we don't have stock, contact us.

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