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Cosmo March Break Camp 2023 - Music and STEM Camp - Cosmo School of Music

March Break Music and STEM Camp 2023

Ages 6 - 9
March 13 - 17, 2023
Cost: $368

10 Via Renzo Drive
Richmond Hill, ON

Our Music and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) March break camp invites students to participate in a week dedicated to ensemble music and project-based learning. The music portion of our camp will allow students to experiment with a variety of new instruments ranging from percussion, strings, vocals, piano, and more. All our Cosmo Campers will be able to find the instrument that they connect with the most and work towards an ensemble performance at the end of the week. Our STEM portion of the camp encourages campers to problem solve in creative ways using their imagination and ingenuity. They will build projects throughout the week that will apply their theoretical understanding of science, technology, and math in practical and meaningful ways. By blending Music and STEM together, Cosmo Music has built one of the most educationally fun, comprehensive, and holistic camp experiences in the Greater Toronto Area.

Life without playing music is inconceivable for me. I live my daydreams in music.
Albert Einstein

Why Cosmo March Break Camp?

  • All-in-one camp experience blending both music and STEM
  • No experience necessary
  • Low ratios - 4:1 camper to staff ratio
  • Music and STEM taught by an Ontario Certified Teacher
  • Music/STEM Showcase at the end of the week
  • Project-based hands-on learning
  • Students will imagine, create, and problem solve
  • Students build projects they keep at the end of the week!

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Please click below to view our full Cosmo Camp Guide 2023.

Cosmo Music Camp Guide

Ensemble Music Learning

Ensemble Music Learning at Cosmo School of Music
Learn as a Group, Play as an Ensemble

Students often learn music in a private 1:1 classroom and rarely have a chance to apply their skills in an ensemble setting. In our March Break camp, students will take on new musical concepts with fellow campers and teachers. Learning music in a lot of ways is like a team sport, but many students are so focused on honing their individual skill sets, and never experience playing with a group.

Our camp will introduce students to an ensemble-based learning opportunity that will broaden their knowledge and discovery in the world of music. Our goal at Cosmo is to give students a platform to work as a team to apply their skills in a real, practical, and fun ways!

STEM Project Based Learning

STEM Project Based Learning at Cosmo School of Music, March 2023
The Future is Now!

With the rise in popularity of STEM and STEAM in the education space, many programs focus solely on the technology and programing side of things. While technology is certainly important, often, many of the crucial concepts of engineering and mathematics are skipped due to the heavy reliance on computers. At our camp, students will focus on the basics which will allow them to apply theoretical concepts to build amazing machines with simple day to day and household materials.

Our program encourages students to think independently and creatively, to synthesize concepts, and create something new. We want our students to think outside of the box. Our teachers are not the sage on the stage, but rather, the guides on the sides. Our students are in the driver’s seats!

March Break Music and STEM Camp 2023 | Science & Music Intertwine at Cosmo School of Music
March Break Music and STEM Camp 2023 | Science & Music Intertwine at Cosmo School of Music

Here are some examples of our project based learning activities our Cosmo Campers will create throughout the week: fulcrums, levels, wheels and axels, pulleys, simple circuits, friction, laws of conservation of energy and mass, and so much more! These activities will help children develop their critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and encourage creative thinking. All while teaching them how STEM concepts can be applied to everyday life.

March Break Music and STEM Camp 2023 | Science & Music Intertwine at Cosmo School of Music

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