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  • Best Price Guarantee
    Best Price Guarantee

    Best Price Guarantee

    Cosmo will match the selling price of any identical product from any Canadian retailer that has that item in-stock, up until 30 days after purchase.

    See further details.

  • Free Shipping Over $%{threshold}
    Free Shipping Over $%{threshold}

    Free Shipping Over $99

    We don't charge shipping or handling on orders over $99 (before tax and shipping calculation). There are a few reasonable exceptions like very large or heavy items as well as shipping to remote areas.

    See further details.

  • 30 Day Returns And Exchanges
    30 Day Returns And Exchanges

    30 Day Returns And Exchanges

    Exchange or return for full refund items purchased within 30 days if in unused new condition and in original packaging.

    See further details.

  • Quality Assurance Process
    Quality Assurance Process

    Quality Assurance Process

    From the time an instrument is manufactured and the time it arrives at our store, it may have travelled half-way around the world and been several months since it was created. Although manufacturers do take this into account by packaging appropriately, there are still issues of temperature, humidity, and handling which require attention once the instrument arrives at its destination. From the moment your instrument arrives at our warehouse every effort is taken to ensure you are getting a quality product in perfect playing condition. At our receiving dock, boxes are examined for any signs of damage, and either refused or opened for an initial inspection. We are not shy about returning any instrument at this point if it has been compromised in any way between the factory and our store. Once the instrument is received into our system it is staged to go through the repair shop to be examined by a qualified repair technician.

    Read and watch videos on what we do differently.

Canada’s Leading Music Store

Cosmo Music is one of the biggest and best musical instrument retail stores in the world; providing sales, service, rentals, and lessons for all types of musical instruments in a one-of-a-kind, world class facility.

Cosmo Music Price Shredder - Kala Ukadelic Soprano Ukulele - Tropical Night
Deal of the Week: Price Shredder

Deal of the Week

Kala Ukadelic Soprano Ukulele - Tropical Night

Kala's Ukadelic series offer unique, colourful designs while being very accessible and playable. These ukuleles are perfect for beginners, for use in school programs, or anyone looking for some visual flair in an entry level ukulele.

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Limited Time & Availability

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Cosmo Music Price Shredder - D&A Grip Guitar Wall Hanger - White/Chrome
Deal of the Week: Price Shredder

Deal of the Week

D&A Grip Guitar Wall Hanger - White/Chrome

The D&A Grip Guitar Wall Hanger softly and securely cradles instruments away from the wall and off the floor, with a clean and elegant design.

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Limited Time & Availability

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Cosmo Music Price Shredder - M-Audio Keystation 49es Mk3 Keyboard Controller
Deal of the Week: Price Shredder

Deal of the Week

M-Audio Keystation 49es Mk3 Keyboard Controller

Whether you're a seasoned pro looking for just the right controls, or you're looking to get started with the right USB MIDI controller, the Keystation 49es MK3 is a simple, powerful MIDI controller designed for sequencing music and playing virtual instruments on your Mac or PC.

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Limited Time & Availability

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Reviews & News

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Demo & Review: GV Custom Purple Haze Bass and Trace Elliot ELF Amps

We take a detailed look at the GV Custom Purple Haze Bass, developed by our own bass luthier George Vasileiou, as well as Trace Elliot's ELF line of bass amplifiers. Watch the review and see hear how they sound together.

Mesh Vs. Rubber Drum Pads

The electronic drum set has gained popularity in allowing drummers to practice or record in many spaces. While the sounds are important, the feel is just as critical. These sets often offer mesh or rubber drum pads. We explore the differences.

PRS SE Zach Myers: From a Long Line of Amazing

Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers has an intimate understanding of how a guitar should feel and what the build quality should be, and the PRS SE Zach Myers is a result of the goal, to build a guitar that comes from "long line of amazing" of PRS guitars.

British Vs. American Amp Sound

Guitar tones are often described as having the "British" sound or the "American" sound. We dive in to what makes up these two distinct characteristics of amplifier tones and why they are defined by these two regions.
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Rebates & Promotions

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D'Addario Humidification Products Sale

This month, make sure your guitar gets proper care with D'Addario's sale on humidification products, including innovative solutions to make it easy for you to prevent your guitar from getting cracks, warping, and damage.

Rode Back to School Promo

Get mic'd up for Back to School with instant savings on the Rode NT-USB Mini, VideoMicro, and Wireless GO from now until September 30.

PreSonus Studio Promo

From August to October, Save $50 Per Eris E7 XT, save $50 on Audiobox Ultimate Studio Bundle, and save $40 on Audiobox 96 Studio.

Mackie Create More Instant Savings Promo

For the month of July, save on a large selection of Mackie gear designed for the home studio, including select CR-X studio monitors, EleMent series microphones, MC series headphones, and CR series earbuds.
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Top Brands in Our Guitar Store

Fender at Cosmo Music
Fender Logo

The place to find the largest variety of limited run Fender Guitars is here at Cosmo Music.

Cosmo Music is where you need to go to find the exact Fender guitar you’re looking for. We have the most selection of colours, models, custom shop, limited run, and one-of-a-kind Fender guitars that you’ll find under one roof across the country. Our exclusive Fender Shop In Shop is the first of its kind that has now been replicated around the world.

Taylor Guitars at Cosmo Music
Taylor Guitars Logo

The largest selection of Taylor Guitars in Canada is here at Cosmo Music.

Cosmo Music is Taylor Guitars’ first and oldest dealer in Canada, Taylor Retail Store of the Year, home to the world’s first dedicated Taylor Guitars Acoustic Room, and Canada’s first and only Taylor Premier Online Dealer.

Explore Taylor

See Cosmo Collection

Martin Guitars at Cosmo Music
Martin Guitars Logo

The most diverse selection of Martin Guitars in Canada is here at Cosmo Music.

Cosmo Music has the largest selection in Canada of Martin Guitars including exclusive builds, custom models, and unique wood combinations that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. The Martin Room inside Cosmo Music - designed with the Martin team - is the only dedicated room in Canada and is the first of its kind in the world.

Shop by Brand

Cosmo Music has the largest in-stock offering in Canada offering over 1,000 brands; specializing in all instruments including guitars, band & orchestral strings, pro audio, home recording studios, keyboards & software, drums & percussion, acoustic & digital pianos as well as print music & vinyl LPs.

Cosmo Music Stock Status Flags

Stock Status

Cosmo provides full disclosure on our stock so you can make an informed purchase - if it is ready to ship now, if we know we can acquire it, or if it is an active item but there is an unknown delivery time. On the rare occasion where there is a quality issue or we have oversold our stock because of time delays in our processes, you have the option to wait for the backordered item, to purchase a similar item, or receive a refund.

Cosmo Music Store
Cosmo Music Store Logo

Retail Store

The Cosmo Music retail store is one of the largest music instrument stores on the planet. Standing proud at over 56,000 square feet, we’re the destination if you’re a musician, music lover, concert fan, or even a coffee lover (we’re home to the first music store Starbucks location in their history.)

Cosmo School of Music
Cosmo School of Music Logo

School of Music

Each week, we help hundreds of students become experts at their favourite instruments. We’ve recently introduced private and group lessons online from the comfort of your own home. Many of our teachers have been reporting that students are improving at faster rates than they were in-person lessons.

Cosmo Music Repair Shop

Repair Shop

Cosmo Music operates one of the largest and most prestigious instrument repair shops in Canada. Each year hundreds of schools, students, and professional musicians trust Cosmo Music to restore their instruments to like-new playing condition. We’re even home to one of the only Plek Machines in Canada - the best tool in a good technician’s arsenal for levelling frets, cutting nut slots, levelling fretboards, and customizing a player’s guitar to their exact needs and playing style.

Cosmo Pro
Cosmo Pro Logo

Cosmo Pro

Cosmo Pro is quite literally your complete solution for your audio and visual needs. Whether you need AV support for your next corporate meeting, a rental for your family BBQ, advice or assistance on a complex set-up, or simply just have our GearHeadz team do it all for you, we’ve got you covered.

Cosmo Music Band & Orchestra Rentals

Band & Orchestra Rentals

Over 10,000 students rent their instrument from Cosmo Music each year. We have an extensive rental inventory of thousands of instruments available to outfit programs of any size. You’ll receive free repairs and adjustments as required due to normal wear and tear. Instruments can be delivered to your home or your school.

School Music Educators
School Music Educators Cap

School Music Educators

Our top-tier team is ready to help schools, teachers, and music educators across the country with the best supplies, supporting services, and anything else you may need to make your life easier. Whether you’re ordering instruments, need advice on print music, or even someone to help spec out a brand new sound system for your school auditorium, we can make it happen for you.

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