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At the Cosmo School of Music, we pride ourselves on the quality you receive when you learn with us. Every single one of our teachers are all excellent at what they do, and we feel confident that they'll pass that down to you as well. Whether you're learning in-person or online, you can be sure that you're receiving incredible music education every single time. Are you ready to sign up for new lessons with one of these wonderful teachers? You can sign up for lessons right on our website.


Paul Wickham - Cosmo School of Music

Paul Wickham

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Dobro, Mandolin

Styles: Rock, Fingerstyle, Slide, Blues, Bluegrass, Pop

Education: University of Saskatchewan

Languages: English

Having taught guitar since 1975 and being involved in many aspects of the music business for over 25 years, Paul brings a wealth of experience to his teaching. He has taught classes, clinics, and seminars in various guitar styles and singing at the Guitar Workshop Plus and at the York Board of Education. He has also performed with John Allan Cameron, David Sinclair, John Knowles, and Matt Smith among others. His unique program is designed for students aged nine and older and levels of ability, to provide an enjoyable learning experience.

Andrea Casciato - Cosmo School of Music

Andrea Casciato

Instruments: Guitar, Ukulele

Styles: Classical, Blues, Rock

Education: Bachelor of Arts (BA, with Distinction), Carleton University

Languages: English, Italian

Andrea has been teaching guitar, music theory, and musicianship at Cosmo School of Music since 2005. Andrea never misses a lesson, and has a very low turnover rate. He teaches popular and classical music, and effectively prepares students for school recitals, Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) exams, and university auditions. Andrea believes in comprehensive music education and his lessons include technical work, ear training, rhythmic training, and music theory. He also believes that young children learn by playing fun and simple games to develop technical and musical skills. Above all he strives to teach his students how to practice so they can work independently of a teacher over the week between lessons.

His own training includes private studies in classical guitar with Alan Torok and Robert Hamilton, and private studies in music theory with Arthur Levine. Andrea has also completed exams in classical guitar performance, music theory, and music history at The Royal Conservatory of Music. He is an RCM Silver Medal recipient in classical guitar performance for 2009 (level 10 guitar). Andrea is also active as a professional guitarist and composer. He performs in various venues across the Greater Toronto Area, and two of his compositions have been published by Frederick Harris Music in The Royal Conservatory of Music guitar series and syllabus 2011. Andrea is happy to teach young children, adult beginners, and intermediate/advanced students of all ages.

Danny Sargeant - Cosmo School of Music

Danny Sargeant

Instruments: Guitar

Styles: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Flamenco, Improvisation

Education: Bachelor of Arts (BA, Music), York University

Languages: English

Teaching has always been an important part of Dan's life having been a music teacher for 35 years. Since 1981, Danny has been teaching in various music schools throughout Toronto and in public and private schools such as Bayview Glen Private School, Toronto District School Board, Dixon Hall School, and Royal Orchard Public School. He also has experience in music therapy.

Benjamin Barrile - Cosmo School of Music

Benjamin Barrile

Instruments: Guitar

Styles: Flamenco, Jazz, Classical, Latin

Education: Performance Diploma, Mohawk College

Languages: English, French

Benjamin is an accomplished flamenco guitarist who also has extensive experience in world music, jazz, and classical. In addition to leading his own group, Benjamin has performed and recorded for many artists including The Café Olé (a multi-award winning group that incorporates a unique mix of flamenco and jazz). Benjamin is also a resident guitarist at Toronto based Carmen Romero's School of Flamenco Dance Arts and Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company. Benjamin has appeared on numerous television and radio broadcasts including CBC, CTV, CityTV, and Jazz FM. In 2000 Benjamin set off to Spain for the first time, a country that had long captivated his imagination, in search of flamenco and what would be the most significant journey of his life so far. He travelled to one of the major centres of flamenco in Spain today, Jerez de la Frontera, where he studied under many great maestros. Benjamin is currently recording his own solo album.

Steve Gotlib - Cosmo School of Music

Steve Gotlib

Instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele

Styles: Latin, Jazz, Funk, Blues

Education: Bachelor of Music (BM, Jazz Studies), Humber College

Languages: English

Steve's lesson focus is on theory, technique, and ear training in order to provide the student with a strong foundational understanding of their instrument. At the same time he emphasizes the importance of learning simple songs, melodies, and pieces that help to inspire and motivate students to practice.

Steve is a busy sideman in the Toronto area and plays often with his own Brazilian Jazz trio Que Isso.

Matthew Quirke - Cosmo School of Music

Matthew Quirke

Instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele

Styles: Rock

Education: Bachelor of Music, Carleton University

Languages: English

Justin Poon - Cosmo School of Music

Justin Poon

Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Digital Music Production, DJ Performance

Styles: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Latin

Education: Dual Major in Performance/Electronic Production and Design, Berklee College of Music

Languages: English

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