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Concerts in the Parking Lot, City of Richmond Hill

Cosmo Pro - Richmond Hill Drive-in Concerts


Concerts in the Parking Lot is a series of socially distanced concerts with live performers on a mobile stage, with the goal of our audience staying in their cars to safely enjoy some great entertainment. It was imperative that each show had as much impact as possible, while staying short at no more than 90 minutes of performance time.

Each artist brought unique needs as performers and crew; some needed backline instruments, some had playback tracks, and some were a part of touring acts that had complicated equipment needing to interface with what we provided. Additionally, for safety, we needed to ensure that required personnel only interacted when necessary to minimize contact during the pandemic.


From the outset, it was decided that we would not use a traditional speaker system, but we would replace it with a high-quality FM radio transmitter. Therefore, guests would not need to leave their vehicles or open their windows. They would simply tune their radio to the frequency we co-ordinated under Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and Industry Canada guidelines. We also provided a large video screen so that vehicles parked further away could easily view all the action to ensure everyone’s safety.

To ensure there were no surprises on stage upon each artists’ arrival – and to limit the interactions on site following social distancing guidelines – each artist was contacted by Cosmo Pro’s technical director to discuss their specific needs and requirements, well in advance of each concert. Cosmo Pro is proud to have the best equipment in our industry – so it was clear we had the tools to pull off each performance.

Cosmo Pro - Richmond Hill Drive-in Concerts
Cosmo Pro - Richmond Hill Drive-in Concerts


What we put together for Concerts in the Parking Lot was a great success and working with the City of Richmond Hill’s events team is always a pleasure. It’s great to hear people honk their car horns instead of applauding, and with safety as a priority, we created a series of great concert entertainment for the community to enjoy again and again.

I have had the pleasure of working with Cosmo Music for over a decade now. As a company whose roots are firmly grounded in the community of Richmond Hill they exemplify the characteristics of corporate social responsibility. Always the first to step up, Cosmo Music continues to play an integral role in the cultural fabric and identity of Richmond Hill. The RHCPA has relied on Cosmo Pro to augment its technical inventory with state of the art equipment and expertise. The Cosmo Pro team brings a comprehensive package of knowledge, expediency and fiscal consideration all while remaining approachable and flexible. Cosmo Pro has been an incredible resource for the Event Services Department of the City of Richmond Hill. From technical consultation and logistics management through to onsite technical execution, the team at Cosmo Pro continue to deliver professional service and creative problem solving. The Covid-19 pandemic has created a new set of challenges when we consider traditional community events. Cosmo Pro was able to devise creative solutions to complex issues, all while continuing to deliver state of the art, cost effective technical support.
Eli Lukawitz — Marketing and Sponsorship, Recreation and Culture Division City of Richmond Hill

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