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Annual Business Achievement Awards, Richmond Hill Board of Trade

Cosmo Pro - Richmond Hill Board of Trade Event


We’ve been lucky enough to work with the Richmond Hill Board of Trade for the last several years on the Annual Business Achievement Awards gala, where businesses in Richmond Hill are recognized by their peers. With a corporate event for 800 people, there is a complex design, themed décor in both the gala room and lobby area, and the technical needs are very different compared to a rock concert.

Sound and lighting are very important – with a high level of quality and clarity – but can’t detract from the presenters, which can be challenging with some who are not necessarily used to standing in the spotlight and speaking into a microphone.


Using large video screens that flank both sides of the stage, we ensured that every seat in the house had a great view of the presenters, and much time was spent rehearsing video and lighting cues for each segment of the event.

The Richmond Hill Board of Trade team had a great vision of how they wanted the event to look and feel, and it was our job to help them achieve that. We work especially well with Lisa and her team as they are very organized – events happen in real time and everyone needs to be able to work together towards a common goal.


The Richmond Hill Board of Trade always has inspiring themes, great presenters, and exceptional entertainment that encourages those in our own community to better themselves. We’re honoured to play a part in helping bring their vision to life – a corporate gala that was anything but common.

The City of Richmond Hill has several unique venues and Cosmo Music is certainly at the top of the list. When we were planning an event for the Richmond Hill Board of Trade and space was needed that was equipped with sound, had enough room to handle a panel of speakers, exhibitor tables, and space for our guests to enjoy refreshments. Cosmo was able to do all of this. The friendly and supportive staff helped us through all aspects of this event. Well done Cosmo!
Lisa Chong, Marketing and Events Manager

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