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In the early 1980’s the Repair Shop at Cosmo Music opened its doors with one technician and a commitment to offer superior craftsmanship and outstanding service and value. More than 35 years later, and with the same commitment, Cosmo Music operates one of the largest and most prestigious instrument repair shops in Canada. Each year hundreds of schools, students and professional musicians trust Cosmo Music to restore their instruments to like-new playing condition. In addition to customer repairs the shop also maintains a fleet of over 10,000 rental instruments which are used by students across Ontario each year. Led by its original technician, Kevin Rohm, the shop now employs over 20 technicians and specializes in all types of wind instruments, guitar and electronic repairs. Cosmo Music has made a significant investment in equipment so that its technicians have access to all of the latest and best tools and techniques to service your instrument quickly and properly – the first time!

Brass & Woodwind Repair Shop

905-770-5222, ext 380

Bring in your horn and one of our qualified instrument technicians will make it play like new again! From regular maintenance, adjustments and chemical cleaning to re-pads and complete overhauls, the Cosmo Music Repair Department can help keep your instruments in top playing condition allowing you to concentrate on making great music.

Electronic and Guitar Custom Shop


905-770-5222, ext 384


905-770-5222, ext 385

Our fully equipped repair department can handle just about anything that needs fixing! Bring in your broken guitar, speaker, amp, keyboard or electronic gear. Our technicians will quickly assess the problem and suggest the optimum solution. A huge selection of guitar parts, from pick-ups and electronics to knobs and switches, can be found at the repair department retail counter. Talk with a technician about how to improve the sound or the look of your guitar today!

Cosmo Music Flute Repair

School Instrument Repairs

905-770-5222, ext 254

School instrument servicing is one of Cosmo Music’s specialties. From frequent visits by one of our helpful road representative to rapid repair turnover, Cosmo Music will keep your school’s music department in peak performance! Contact us today for information on how we can make your instrument repairs go as seamlessly as possible.

Cosmo Music Van

Repair Pickup for Schools

905-770-5222, ext 250

To arrange for an instrument repair pick-up by one of our road representatives at your school, please give us a call at 905-770-5222 extension 250. This service is available only in southern Ontario so if you are out-of-area please contact us to arrange other means of pick-up and delivery.