Cosmo Music Piano Rentals

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Cosmo Music is proud to offer acoustic pianos on a monthly rental and rental-to-purchase basis.




Monthly In-Home Rental and Rental-to-Purchase Pianos

“I am not sure if my kids will quit piano lessons so I want to invest as little as possible”

We hear this comment from many parents with beginner piano students. Around the world, the best piano teachers recommend that the greatest opportunity for success will be when the student has the best possible piano for daily practice. If you take piano lessons you need a quality piano to practice on.

Cosmo Music now offers the rental of brand new acoustic pianos. Our most popular selling models are offered in both upright and grand pianos. A brand new 52” upright piano starts at just $150/month and a new baby grand starts at just $270/month. Whenever the time is right for purchase, 50% of your rental payments may be applied towards the purchase of your new rental instrument or an upgraded model. As a bonus offer, during the first 90 days of your rental contract, 100% of the rental payments may be applied towards your purchase. Please contact us for more details about our new piano rental program.

Now every family can have a quality piano for their students to play and enjoy!

Performance and Concert Pianos are available for single events and long-term installations - please enquire.