Institutional Consulting

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Cosmo Music has the unique opportunity to offer institutional and business clients a multitude of resources for their audio and video needs.


905-770-5222 ext 253

1-800-463-3000 ext 253

Expertise in both Simple and Complex Audio and Video Solutions

  • Simple background music and paging system in a small facility.
  • Multi-zone integration.
  • Video solution ranging from a single-panel to a complete digital signage display.
  • Network video projection system in a large public building.
  • Customizable solutions for every project.

Program Benefits

  • Special access to most product lines offered within the retail store.
  • Special pricing structures to help clients increase margin.
  • A simple ordering and sales process.

How we can Assist

  • Being on-site to ensure your needs are met.
  • Consulting in pre-construction planning, retrofits or complete system overhauls.
  • Ensuring the team of professional and experienced installers are fully insured and bonded.
  • Establishing safety for all users is of the highest importance by strictly adhering to all safety codes and regulations during installation and use.