Cosmo School of Music Pathways of Learning

Music Evolution

Music Education is not limited by age. We have developed a music program that grows with students along with their abilities and interests. Students from as young as 6 weeks can benefit immensely from the foundations established in our Music Garden classes. As well, our seasoned seniors who have never been exposed to Music Education in the past will develop a strong passion for the arts through our Core Instrument Studies and Performance Academy programs.

How We Start Your Personalized Journey

Once you've determined what your Musical Learning Journey looks like, the next step is to introduce you to the person who will take your love of music and make it a larger part of your life.

Teacher Selection

We'll match you with one of our teachers that best suits your music needs, style and learning requirements. Based on questions such as:

  • What do you need in a teacher?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What type of music do you listen to?
  • How do you like to learn?
  • Where do you struggle most in music?
  • Where do you excel in music?

Know that you have the flexibility to change teachers so you receive the very best music learning experience. You are here to love playing music and to love learning it as well. Your teacher will be the one to guide you and challenge you to be your best!

Cosmo School of Music Progression Chart

Music Garden & Orff

Our Music Garden and Orff classes provide an opportunity for even the youngest of musicians to develop a love and appreciation of Music Education. Studies have shown that even from the earliest age, children are drawn to the rhythms and patterns of music. Our young children's programs are an excellent introduction to formal Private music training and Group classes.

Core Instrument Studies - Private & Group

Private Studies are one-on-one lessons where teachers can focus on an individual student to instruct them on the instrument and style of your choice. Instruction will be based on the level of musicality of the student. Having private studies allow students to absorb information more readily, ask questions directly and excel in music playing. Group Studies have multiple students per instructor. The biggest advantage of group studies is the social interaction between students. Students benefit from being able to watch their peers try skills and accomplish tasks. It gives them the opportunity to learn different angles to solving problems and gives them the confidence to share their solutions as well!

Performance Academy

Performance Academy programs are based on playing instruments in a group setting, learning to work with other musicians and getting comfortable in playing in a recital or concert venue. This is where students can excel in their technique, style and confidence in knowing their instrument and their music. Performance Academy also teaches students to conquer fear and to take risks. Risk-taking is essential if a student is to fully develop his or her potential.

Classroom Education

These lessons focus on subject content that doesn't necessarily have playing an instrument involved. These studies enable students to learn how music works, how to hear music, how to write music and much more. In understanding these technicalities of music, students will be able to embrace music more readily and be able to explain as well as express to their peers what the music is and what it means to them.


What's more fun than mixing music with what you want to do? Music camps allow young students to play music with their friends, learn new songs, explore different techniques and instruments with our amazing teaching faculty and in most cases perform in front of family and friends at the end of the week! These types of programs foster the joy of learning music, working with their peers, challenging themselves, growing their positive self-esteem and all the while having fun doing it!

Visit or call us today to speak with a Music Education Advisor to get started!