Neural DSP Quad Cortex

Neural DSP Quad Cortex - Coming Soon to Cosmo Music

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Only Two Dealers in Canada are Getting the Neural DSP Quad Cortex

The Neural DSP Quad Cortex calls themselves "the most powerful floor modeler on the planet."

With 2GHz of dedicated DSP from its Quad-Core SHARC architecture, this amount of processing capacity provides limitless sound design possibilities. The Quad Cortex will give you the ability to run four amplifier models, stereo reverbs, and a plethora of other effects simultaneously without breaking a sweat.

Capture, share and download your favourite rigs’ sounds. Equipped with unique biomimetic AI technology, the Quad Cortex can learn and replicate the sonic characteristics of any physical amplifier, overdrive, and cabinet with accuracy.

Unlike any other, our sophisticated neural network algorithm perceives sound akin to human perception, making it incredibly natural-sounding.

The Neural team collaborated with some of the best producers and sound designers to provide an ever-growing collection of free rig captures in addition to their full-circuit models.

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