Demo & Review: DW Dave Grohl Icon Snare

DW Dave Grohl Icon Snare

We got one of the First DW Dave Grohl Icon Snares

Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) recently announced the addition of a Dave Grohl ICON snare drum to the coveted line. The limited-edition drum recognizes his celebrated drumming career, as well as his long- standing connection with both the legendary Sound City recording studio in Los Angeles, and his beloved Studio 606, where the sacred Sound City console now resides. Grohl’s love of Sound City began when he recorded at the storied studio with Nirvana on their breakthrough release Nevermind. More recently, Grohl produced, directed and narrated the award-winning documentary of the same name. Taylor showed off recently at the store - check out his review below.

Limited to 250 Drums Worldwide

The wood inlay artwork adorning the Dave Grohl Icon snare includes the rock visionary’s stylized silhouette, his forearm feather tattoos and fitting tribute to both aforementioned recording studios. Precisely laser-cut from 1/36" veneers of Black Pear and Sycamore woods, the images are painstakingly hand-inlayed into a background of teal-dyed Exotic Birdseye Maple. The drum is only hand-sprayed with a clear gloss to topcoat—no paint has been used to depict the graphics on the outer veneer. Nickel-plated drum hardware complements the unique, eye-catching colour scheme.

In addition to being a prized collectable, the drum is also highly playable. Crafted at the DW Custom Shop in California, from 11-plies of North American Hard Rock Maple with VLT grain orientation technology; the drum is fitted with True-Hoops, True-Pitch 50 Tuning, True-Tone Snare Wires, MAG throw-off with 3P butt plate and DW Heads by Remo. A Deluxe DW carrying case, certificate of authenticity and Sound City hat are also included.

Only 250 of the Dave Grohl ICON snare drums will ever be produced—each one will be numbered and signed by John Good. A portion of proceeds from the sale of each snare will be donated to the charity nominated by Grohl, National Independent Venue Association

Video Transcript

Today is a good day. What's up everyone? My name is Taylor, we're here at Cosmo Music. Not only do I get to play drums at work, but we're checking out the new Dave Grohl Signature Sound City DW snare drum. This thing's a total beast. I'm literally required to play it extremely loudly and do a lot of fills because that's what Dave Grohl does. Of course I'll do some dynamic stuff too, but yeah, total icon of mine. Dave Grohl was at the store last year during CosmoFEST, he walked past my desk... no big deal... I've got it tuned to medium rock tuning.

[Taylor Drum Demo]

I'm going to try slapping one moon gel touching the rim.

[Taylor Drum Demo]

Remove it an inch off the rim, should deaden it a little bit more.

[Taylor Drum Demo]

Again, open.

[Taylor Drum Demo]

[Breaks stick]

There goes one! First of the day right there. Should be a few if I'm doing a Dave Grohl video.

[Taylor Drum Demo]

The only beat I like doing to showcase these guys.

[Taylor Drum Demo]

So the clutch on this thing is an absolute beast. It's really easy to change the snare tension, it's really easy to take the wires off. The accident factor is zero. I haven't clipped it with my leg or anything. It's really hidden away from all the action, makes it really easy to switch on and off in the middle of performance if that's something you got to do.

[Taylor Drum Demo]

I feel another break coming! [Breaks stick] Jeez! The snare drum is not eating sticks, that's simply my technique. You can develop better techniques so you're not eating the middle of your stick, I just haven't learned how to do that.

[Taylor Drum Demo]

So I want to showcase some really finesse kind of stuff, some rolls. I'm really, really bad at rolls so I'm going to bring in Emo. He's going to do some rolls for us, some jazzy kind of stuff, and we'll show off that side of the snare drum as well.

[Emo Drum Demo]

Okay thanks for watching everybody, this drum is available now at the Cosmo Music drum department or (brand new website, quick plug). Until next time, take ‘er easy.

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