Line 6 Helix Demo Review with JayLeonardJ

Line 6 Helix with JayLeonardJ

Flagship Power

The Line 6 Helix is a truly flagship guitar effects processor, designed to truly recreate the nuanced character of guitar amps and effects. JayLeonardJ stopped by to show us how he uses the innovative Snapshot feature to easily call up and dial in his favourite tones.

You could actually turn on and off multiple pedals at the same time, so you can come up with different sounds and different combinations of pedals at a tap of a switch without changing the sound of your rig. Fancy stuff? Yes it is!
JayLeonardJ, Award-Winning Performer, Songwriter, Producer, and YouTuber
Line 6 Helix Family

Key Specs

  • Dual DSP-Powered HX Modeling Engine provides unprecedented power and accuracy
  • 45 amps, 30 cabs, 16 mics and 70 effects provides a wide variety of simulations
  • 6.2" LCD display provides an intuitive interface
  • 12 touch-sensitive tour-grade footswitches for editing
  • 8-in/8-out USB audio interface allows for easy recording
  • Integrated Looper makes it easy to build loops and perform
About JayLeonardJ

About JayLeonardJ

JayLeonardJ is an award-winning performer, songwriter, producer, and well-known YouTube personality. He is a touring guitarist for artists including Sandy Lam, Warren Flandez, Jun Kung, and Redeye Empire and has contributed to many award-winning projects for film, radio, and television. As a social media personality, Jay shares his knowledge of music on his popular YouTube page, is a contributing artist for Guitar World magazine, and has appeared in many product release content and events for some of the world’s top music brands.

Instagram: @JayLeonardJ
YouTube: JayLeonardJ
Facebook: @JayLeonardJ

Video Transcript

Camera! There's my camera! I'm JayLeonardJ coming to you live from Cosmo Music in beautiful Richmond Hill, Ontario one of the largest music stores in the entire world, largest music store in North America I'll give you that. Right now we're talking about Yamaha stuff, Line 6 stuff and I got this new thing here, this is my Helix. I just got this and I've been kind of having a little bit of fun with it and what the thing about me see I'm a little bit uh old school, like I record a lot of my videos with old apps and I still use a pedal board like you know and line up all my pedals and get all my sounds, so when I go to something that does everything and get a little bit overwhelming especially when I'm dealing with different presets, because you know I have one preset that's like Fender Twin, and they have another preset that's let's say like a Bassman or another one that's a JTM 45.

Anyway what happens I find that sometimes when I'm dealing with presets they play a thing and when I go to the other preset it sounds like it's from a completely different universe from a completely different world and maybe one preset sounds really good in a room but another preset doesn't quite sound as good in the room and maybe that goes back to me just being like an old dude that like is used to having the same app.

So there's a little feature here called Snapshots and what that does is you could create your rig and come up with not only be able to switch it on its own which is like a turn off phone but you could actually turn on and off multiple pedals at the same time so you can come up with different sounds and like different combinations of pedals at a top of a switch without changing the sound of your rig. Fancy stuff? Yes it is! So what I like to do is I like to build my rig, this one's called Vancouver and if I press on this I have my pedals for my rig so I could treat it just like a normal pedal board there's my Alpaca Rouge. I have this one called Simple Pitch. Optical Trim. Adriatic Delay.

I just realized they played everything in A and then I went in E for that. I like that. Anyway so we can treat it like a normal pedal board turn them on and turn off pedals like this which is kind of like how I normally do it but there's sometimes when I'm like playing and I wanted like you know I'd say a solo I want to turn on a certain selection of pedals and it's kind of a pain to like turn off certain pedals and turn on all at once and a lot of the time you end up pressing on the wrong pedal and that's where they have a thing called Snapshots, and one way you could do it like when everything's like in straight ahead factory mode, is if you press these two buttons we get into this Snapshot mode and what you do here is in this one I have I made one already called Bare which is just pretty much everything here. All the pedals on at the same time. I have another one called Sepia, when I press on this what happens is everything is turned off, and I now have just my Reverb and I have my nice Tremolo. Go back here. Tremolo goes away, go back to Sepia.

Little things at the same time. Not only can I do multiple things at the same time, turn on different pedals at once, I can also change some of the parameters of the pedals which gives me even more sound so what we're going to do here check this out today I want to come up with I like this.

But I want to have like a slapback delay I don't want it to be like this kind of like you know long atmospheric today I want it to be a slapback delay and I want to add distortion at the same time. Well what I can do let's go to this next Snapshot over here and I'm going to turn on my other distortions. Oh sorry here it is where's that distortion right over here and if I press that all of a sudden oopsie there we go I have my distortion.

Now I want to get like my slap back delay so I'm going to move over to the delay over here and if I press and hold you see how we have that little bracket there that means I'm now changing the delay time just for this one Snapshot. So let's go all the way down to like like 150 or something that's a good slap back sound now I gotta get this down there we go to zero so I'm holding and push and then mix I'm going to raise this up to get really hear that, hear that slap back down.

Now we go to our reverb, you know our reverb and I'm actually going to turn up the decay make the reverb longer hold on turn it now I have a longer decay. And I could even give myself more of that reverb.

So all I have to do now save my preset and check this out, I can just go for my normal sound nice and clean that I could turn on my tremolo and have a nice little wave going on with a little bit of delay.

Press this one and all of a sudden I got my distortion and a slap actually and along my rig is being consistent so it always sounds like I'm coming through the same sound, the same rig, it's nice, the sound guy's happy because I'm not scaring them with like weird no treble boosts and all kinds of crazy stuff. Really, really useful, a wonderful way to prevent yourself from stepping on the wrong pedal and to make your life a lot simpler. That's my tip for the day. Have yourself a wonderful day take care and goodbye.

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