Getting Started with Student and Intermediate Flutes

Getting Started with Student and Intermediate Flutes - Cosmo Music

So what exactly is a student model flute?

A student model flute is an instrument made with the beginners in mind. It's made a bit more durable with for the younger students and it's easier to get the first notes out.

So what sets an intermediate model apart from a student model?

There are three main differences between a student model flute and an intermediate flute.

  1. The intermediate flute offers a sterling silver head joint which makes the sound brighter and warmer.
  2. An open hole design forces the student to play with good posture.
  3. A B foot joint extends the range of the flute and helps with tuning stability.

B Foot Joint

Flute B Foot Joint

C Foot Joint

Flute C Foot Joint

So when is stepping up to an intermediate flute a good idea?

It's actually possible to start with the intermediate flute as long as you plug the holes in. But typically a lot of people rent the student model flute for about one to three years before they decide to step up.

So what tools are available to help young flutists learn how to play?

There are several to suggest. One of many is the Bo-Pep finger guides which helps younger students especially with small hands to help stabilize the instrument. Another great tool that helps the young students is the pneumo-pro head joint. Its propellers give the students a visual indication of where their air is going.

Bo-Pep Finger Saddle

Bo-Pep Finger Saddle

We are Here to Help

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