Demo & Review: Yamaha DTX6K3X Electronic Drum Kit

Demo & Review: Yamaha DTX6K3X Electronic Drum Kit

A Vast Array of Pro Sounds

At the heart of the Yamaha DTX6K3X is the DTX-PRO module. Featuring 40 preset kits, 200 user kits, and 400 assignable sounds, there's an incredible range of sounds in whatever style you desire. A kit modifier section means you can tweak these kits to your heart's desire, dialing in room ambience, compression, and special effects. We decided to test out some of these sounds across a variety of genres.

An Authentic Touch and Feel

Great sounding samples are only good on an electronic drum kit if they can accurately embody the feel of the drummer, and the Yamaha DTX6K3X does exactly that. The XP80 TCS snare responded to subtle touches and rim clicks, while triggering harder samples with an appropriate heavy hit. The KP90 kick, PCY135 cymbals, and RHH135 hi-hats had the same responsiveness, creating a kit that makes you forget that you're triggering samples.

Video Transcript

[Taylor performs demos of the following kit sounds]:

  • P-009 P-Funk [Ambience medium]
  • P001 AbsoHybMaple [Ambience medium]
  • P001 AbsoHybMaple [Ambience high]
  • P001 AbsoHybMaple [Ambience medium, volume medium]
  • P003 Spiralizer [Ambience medium, Effect high]
  • P002 Steel Ring [Ambience medium]
  • P007 Off The Hook
  • P002 Steel Ring [Ambience medium]
  • P035 Japan Kit
  • P005 SwedishMetal [Ambience medium, Effect low]
  • P006 VintNashville
  • P006 VintNashville [Ambience high]
  • P008 Black Vinyl [Ambience high]
  • P034 Percussion
  • P024 Distorted [Ambience medium, Effect high]
  • P015 Olden Days [Ambience medium]
  • P022 Classic Gate [Ambience high]
  • P001 AbsoHybMaple [Ambience medium-high]

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