Demo Review: Squier Contemporary Active Bass

Squier Contemporary Active Bass

Modern Meets Classic

The classic Fender Jazz or Precision bass is something truly time tested, and Squier's offerings offer a more accessible version of these instruments, but what if that design could be improved with modern features while still being a Squier instrument? The Contemporary Active Bass series is the answer.

Looks wise, the matching painted headstocks and black chrome hardware give a sleek aesthetic, while the Squier SQR ceramic humbucking pickups provide a tone that is punchy and modern, with highs that are clear and present rather than a vintage focus. It's a true modern instrument that comes from a classic design.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, Big Mikey C here at Cosmo Music. Let's spring into spring, man! We've got some great new basses here from Fender to talk about. Introducing the new Squier Contemporary Active basses. Got three models here, four strings, but they are also available all three as five string models as well. The PH, the HH, and we also have another HH here with different wood and neck combinations which I'll talk about soon. So starting off we've got the PH here which has a poplar body, a toasty roasty roasted maple neck, Indian laurel fingerboard, which is very similar to rosewood, black headstock, which is very cool, black hardware, a cool silver multi Fender logo. We've got a 2 band active preamp with one 9-volt battery tone control-wise, we've got a master volume. We've got a blend pot, we've got a classic tone knob which has had basically more vintage style than regular jazz basses, and then we've got some boost here with either bass on the bottom and treble on the top. Also included is a graphite nut on this bass.

Talking about the HH model, we've got this particular model in a really cool Shoreline Gold finish with the same appointed black coloured headstock with the very groovy silver Fender logo, black hardware, but the difference on this bass is we've got an actual roasted maple fingerboard, roasted neck. As well, the other cool thing which is actually included on all the basses is they've included a contour heel which is really good to get good access up to the upper frets.

So the main difference with this bass compared to the PH. It has two SQR which is the same actual branded pickups in all the basses. It's got two SQR humbucker style pickups. Same idea, basically two jazz pickups side by side. Doing that it made more or less, cancels the hum, preamp is exactly the same as in all the other basses and pretty well oh and also graphite nut as well on this model as well. Did that sound stupid? Me saying that? No that's perfect, so this bass is very similar to the Shoreline Gold one. Only difference being it's got an ash body, maple neck, and maple fingerboard, and with this one it actually has a synthetic, this is a synthetic bone nut. Pretty well same hardware, same pickup configuration, the SQR humbucking pickups, same preamp with the 2-band EQ. Let's check out some sounds in this PH model. I've got the balance set in the middle. so we're hearing both pickups. What I could do at the moment is just dial it back a bit. So we're going to hear more of this pickup. This is the classic tone, so I'm just gonna dial that a little bit that way.

So we're getting a more classic vibe sound. And then this is the treble so I'm going to dial that a little differently. I actually kind of dig more bass. I got a basic sound here dialed in so let's just play for a bit here. So let's deviate from that, so I'm gonna focus more on the P bass pickup. And actually let's go back, and let's try something else.

Little Flea in there! Wow this one's much snappier. Also dig on all three actually dig really the real slim neck, man satin is the way to go. So anyways, so let's change it up a bit.

These Indonesian-made basses offer a great value with a new modern twist offering two humbucking pickups. Feel free to check out these cool new Squier Contemporary jazz basses and other cool bass products at I'm Big Mikey C, until next time, keep safe and play more bass. And by the way before I go, I've been checking out Mr. Vendrasco's videos. I don't have a hat and I wish I had a hat and then I didn't bring my hat but I have a button. I don't have a button, but I got my own bass! Check out the BMC Single Cut!

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