Demo & Review: PreSonus Revelator io24

PreSonus Revelator io24

Studio to Streaming Revelation

The PreSonus Revelator io24 is an audio interface uniquely designed for the streaming world. The PreSonus Revelator USB-C mic focused on the convenience of a microphone setup, and the io24 takes this philosophy and carries it to the audio interface.

The Stream Mix mode is something not typically seen on other interfaces. With one click, you can send your complete mix of analog inputs, loopback channels, reverb, and effects directly to your streaming software via USB, without having to think about routing. The simplicity is really valuable in a live streaming environment, where you need your audio ready to go when you go live.

The Enhance Button

The Revelator io24 features the same State-Space Modeled sonic enhancements as PreSonus' StudioLive Series III mixers. This means you can model a variety of high quality effects in the signal path, and you be as subtle or get as crazy as you want. Because the modeling is processed from the hardware, you can engage and switch these effects without worrying about your computer's processing power.

Video Transcript

Today we're taking a look at PreSonus' new Revelator io24 interface, which is essentially an interface version of the Revelator USB microphone that they released. It has all the same features built in and of course, now you can use whatever microphone you want. For the sake of this demo, I'm going with PreSonus PD70 broadcast style mic. I did a video on this a couple months ago, you can check that out.

Okay, we're at the desk, let's check out some of these features. So to access the Revelator, all you got to do is plug it in, it should power right up. Universal control should recognize it right away and it has, so all we got to do is click on it here. Boom. So it has opened up, essentially, the mixer that's built into the interface. So I usually like to full screen this over to the left. You got your track one and two settings with your phantom power, it's got a reverb send. I try and keep this a little bit quick to be honest. Up here we've got the PreSonus fat channel that comes on all the PreSonus stuff. We turn that on and it has defaulted me to the vocal preset. So over here we have a bunch of empty preset banks that you can you can set your own presets as well. This is one of the more normal ones. This is a very utility based preset obviously because it's high pass filtering a lot of the low end of my voice. So if we turn this to 40 you'll hear a lot of that come back. Here we go, boom boom. Turn this off, yeah it's got a nice gate. Turn the gate to high, you'll hear a lot of nothing in between everything I say. Turn that off. Good compressor, EQ, limiter, beauty beauty! So it also has some fun stuff in here for for your podcasts and your guests, and you know you want to screw with people, do what you do.

[Modeling vocal effects] Slap back, first down, Pittsburgh Steelers, space overlord, android, acoustic guitar. So obviously if you have a guitar, you can hear it's kind of EQ'd and compressed accordingly. Go back to vocal, yeah so some really good on the fly presets there that you can obviously adjust utilizing these drop down menus. So if we go back to android

[Modeling] Android. Reflections. So you can see there in that drop down menu if you go to one of the presets, there's a lot more that you can kind of have fun with, so that's cool. Over here to the right, just a lot more common utility-based stuff. We've got my headphone level. Yeah it's basically the mixer built into the interface and it's on a computer. This runs perfectly smooth, there's no latency, and it's doing its job. The other cool thing is, I'm recording to PreSonus's DAW right now, Studio One. Not really a feature but something I like is printing these effects so if you're doing a podcast, you know your show is your show so not everyone wants to be adding plugins and stuff in post, just to have those kind of effects.

So this is cool, you can you can do a lot of stuff on the fly basically through this window here. Another cool feature of these playback and loopback channels which make it easy to, like if you're doing a podcast you can have a Zoom guest. That's basically what they've done. They give you more channels here so you can bring up other sources of audio in the middle of your show. So additionally, this is a streaming mixer as well, so not only is it an audio interface, you can take your whole show all of your loop backs, all of your effects, everything that's happening when you click on Stream Mix, you can actually send this all to a USB and the whole thing can be streamed. So that's very convenient, very cool. Thank you, PreSonus. Thank you for tuning in you can check out the PreSonus Revelator io24 at

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