Demo & Review: Keeley Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo Pedal

Keeley Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo

A Luscious Sound with Versatility

This stereo reverb and tremolo pedal from Keeley is more than just a good sounding effect. You can really dial in a rich, immersive sound with the rate, depth, colour, dwell, and mix knobs.

The versatility really comes into play when you change up the order of effects. With the Hydra's smart alt controls, you can adjust the character of the tremolo or reverb effect. You can even go wild and create a reverb tail with an infinite hold!

Dial it in and Save it

While you can tinker away endlessly, the Hydra adds convenience by allowing you to save up to three presets with ease using the save feature. With no more internal dip switches, you can engage reverb tails on the fly. It can be even be used with pro remote switching systems and is compatible with both TRS expression pedal and external tap-tempo inputs. It's easy to call up that effect you dialed in perfectly.

Video Transcript

Hey, this is Brandon from Cosmo Music, and today we're checking out the Keeley Hydra. The Keeley Hydra is a mix between a reverb and a tremolo pedal. The reverb features are spring, plate, and room, while the trem features the sine, the harmonic, and the vibrato.

So on the pedal, it has a rate knob, depth, colour, dwell, and mixer. If you click in the colour knob, you'll get secondary features such as the trim, sink, the trem level, the wet, dry, and the reverb modifier. You can also run this pedal in stereo. There's an option for an expression pedal as well. On the tremolo knob, you can actually do a tap tempo while on the right side, you can do an infinity hold for the reverb.

So the first setting that I'll be playing is the spring reverb.
[Guitar Demo] Now we're going to the plate setting. I have the mix knob at 75%.
[Guitar Demo] Now to the room reverb.
[Guitar Demo] Now we're on the tremolo side. This is the sine setting, now to the harmonic setting, and this is the vibrato setting.
[Guitar Demo] So now we're going to play both effects together, the reverb and the trem.
[Guitar Demo] So the first one is the sine and spring.
[Guitar Demo] Now to the plate and harmonic settings.
[Guitar Demo] Now to the room and vibrato setting.
[Guitar Demo] Thanks for watching. That was the Keeley Hydra. You can check it out at

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