Demo & Review: GV Custom Purple Haze Bass and Trace Elliot ELF Amps

GV Custom Purple Haze Bass and Trace Elliot ELF Amps

Locally Crafted

Our resident bass tech George Vasileiou is actually an extremely talented luthier, crafting custom bass guitars under the name GV Custom Instruments. Each of George's basses have carefully selected materials and are handmade with a true passion. We look at how it sounds paired with the portable and powerful Trace Elliot ELF amplifiers.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, it's Big Mikey C here at Cosmo Music. I'm excited to be here, have an opportunity today to talk about everything bass... and who doesn't love a bass player?

So I'd like to talk about a few products that I pulled aside. To start off, we've got a beautiful six string bass. It's the GV Purple Haze six, handcrafted by a gentleman on staff here, a dear friend of mine, George Vasileiou. He is a very talented luthier and repairman. This bass, the attributes are it has an alder body, a bolt-on maple and purpleheart neck, a purpleheart fingerboard, hence the "Purple Haze", and the actual description, a beautiful maple top, his own handmade pickups, and preamp with coil tapping capabilities. For the pickup, it's got a 26 fret fingerboard, very super fast comfortable neck, very comfortable. Six strings are known to be heavy like anything. This bass is super, super comfortable. You could definitely get through gigs no problem playing it. Hip shot hardware, beautiful, stunning even, bass just to look up at, but sonically it's amazing.

So the amp I've actually chosen to play through today is a cool product that's actually been out of the limelight for a bit, but has luckily been resurrected by Peavey. It is the Trace Elliot brand. Trace Elliot has a very well known history within the bass community. It really was one of the very first bass boutique style products. They go back to 1979 where they were known as one of the first companies to start using a 4x10 for bass players, and known by their lovely green logo. So now Peavey has come up with some really cool offerings to bump up the brand again. They've come out with the 1x8 ELF combo and the 1x10 ELF combo.

The head is actually based on this little guy, which is the actual brain of the combo. This little head is 200 watts. Amazing. 1.6 pounds. You can literally put it in your pocket. So it is 200 watts at 4 ohms. At 8 ohms it'd be roughly about 160 to 130 watts. Great portable amp situation where if you wanted to put it on a pedal board, you could use it as power for a pedal board. Great situation for if you've got a small combo gig, it will also help what they've got two cabinets. They've have single 10s and a 2x8. Very similar to the combos, same type of power situation. It would be a great killer rig because it's super small and compact. You can put it in your car no problem.

The features of the amp is that it has a cool 3-band EQ, bass, mid, treble, volume. The gain also acts with a built-in compressor and also if you dial in more volume, it's got a built-in fuzz as well, so you can get some distortion out of the amp. 1/4-inch input with a headphone jack. On the back, it's got a super quiet DI and then a speaker input. Only one, but if you're using two cabs, you can piggyback each cab. Pretty old standard, basic, straightforward, barebones setup. So with the combos, the 1x8 here and the 1x10, the 1x8 actually has an Italian driver in it, the 1x10 actually has a US driver in it. Both are about the same weight of roughly about 17 pounds. Light as a feather, you can literally hold it up with one finger. So if you notice, the head part of the combo is actually the same as the little tiny portable head. Exactly the same. Same specs, everything. So essentially, you just dial in your sound, and that's pretty well practically it.

Hey I'm Big Mikey C. Thanks for watching, check these out at Hope to see you soon doing more of these videos. Keep safe and play more bass.

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