Demo & Review: Fender Parallel Universe II Tele Mágico

Fender Parallel Universe II Tele Mágico

A Tele From A Different Universe.

The Fender Parallel Universe II series is about flipping established Fender conventions on their heads. Designed by Masterbuilder Ron Thorn, the Tele Mágico isn’t afraid to show off some old world glamour.

Pearloid stands out loud and proud, used generously in the binding, inlays, tuning pegs, custom pickup rings and the Cabronita pickguard. The Trans Daphne Blue or Trans Surf Green finishes add that vibrant, vintage pop.

Tone And Feel That Match The Look.

A striking feature of these guitars are the Custom Gold Foil Fender pickups, designed by Masterbuilder Ron Thorn. The tone is as good as it looks, with crystalline highs, expressive mids, and creamy lows that bring that Tele sparkle and bite.

It's not just the look that's premium. The feel is impeccable, with a unique "V" to "C" shape neck that's designed to play smoothly whether you're or strumming open chords or soloing up at the high frets.

Video Transcript

Hey this is Brandon from Cosmo Music and this is the Fender Parallel Universe Tele Mágico.

So with this Fender limited series, they brought some guitars to life that may have never been. Switching up pickup configurations, bodies, and a few other features.

So on the Mágico, it comes in two finishes. The Trans Daphne Blue and the Trans Seafoam Green. So the interesting thing about this guitar is it sports two gold foil Fender Custom pickups. It also has a "V" to "C" shaped neck.

This has a three-way selector, so just bridge, both pickups, and neck. It has all pearloid coverings in it. So pearloid pickguard, pickup rings, binding, and even on the side of the neck and pearloid tuners, and it also has a flame maple neck on this. Overall this is a great semi-hollow ash guitar. Come check it out at

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