Demo & Review: Fender Noventa Telecaster

Fender Noventa Telecaster

A Stripped Down Rock Machine.

The Fender Noventa Telecaster is boiled down to the core things you want in a Telecaster, done with quality and stylish good looks.  The "half" pickguard and "cut" Tele bridge is a unique twist on the classic Tele design, and the 60s "C" neck with 21 medium jumbo frets and 9.5" radius fingerboard deliver a smooth blend of modern and vintage playability that is distinctly Fender.

The Lone Pickup That Delivers.

Tone-wise, the lone Noventa single coil bridge pickup gives you the snarling highs and midrange bite that will cut through and sing, whether it's clean funk, balls-to-the-wall overdriven, or anything in between.

Video Transcript

Welcome to Cosmo Music everyone. My name is Taylor, a bit of an exciting day today. Our retail store is open for the first time in three months. A lot of happy people walking around the store, and I'm happy too because we got this brand new Fender Noventa Telecaster in a beautiful two-tone sunburst there. It's got the one pickup, doesn't make it a one-trick pony whatsoever, so we'll get into some tones, get into some licks, and anyways, yeah this is the Fender Noventa Telecaster. Okay for tone, what's going on tonally here, we got the Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb. I got it in the regular channel, everything's set to five. I brought my pedals in today, so if I use any of them, I'll fly in a graphic and I'll show you what setting I'm on. I don't use anything out of the ordinary, so some pretty regular stuff just to switch it up and to offer a couple different sounds, especially with the one pickup. Show what it can do with pedals as well, so without further ado, here we go.

This guitar features the single Noventa bridge pickup single coil. Beautiful Pau Ferro fretboard with a 60s "C"-shaped neck. It's got the 21 medium jumbo frets on it for kind of easy bending. It's also got the "cut" Telecaster bridge with three brass saddles so overall really nice guitar to look at. Somebody might associate having the one pickup with having less options, less tone available, less sounds. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. Sometimes you're playing a really heavy set and you just don't want your brain to be focusing on tone changes and whatnot. So this would be a great guitar maybe for a singer and a band who just never really wants to worry about what's going on down here. It's great for that. It's also great for, I was telling a friend the other day, you're on your third record, fourth record, and you just want to try a new sound for the entire length of that project. Maybe buy this thing and it's "Oh, that was my fourth record guitar". So cool for that as well. Definitely still a lot of positives to having just the one pickup.

Alright, I'm Taylor. Thanks for watching and checking out the brand new Fender Noventa Telecaster. It's available at, or it's available in our retail store. You can come in and you can play this thing in real life now, so really glad to say that. Until next time, take 'er easy.

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