Demo & Review: Eventide Blackhole Reverb

Eventide Blackhole Reverb

Ethereal Landscapes and Otherworldly Ambiences.

The Eventide Blackhole Reverb is all about wide, massive, creative sounds designed to immerse you in a lush landscape, inspired by the scale of the universe.

Right out of the gate, you have five presets that evoke a different, unique feeling. Blackhole, Dark Matter, Nebula, Singularity, and Pulsar are easily selectable and switchable, but you can get creative and load your own presets through MIDI or through the Eventide Device Manager. It's as simple or complex as you want it to be.

Fine Tune Your Universe.

Six control knobs allow you to fine tune your sound. Use the Mix knob to tastefully blend your signal, or completely warp it. Rotating Gravity will allow you to adjust or inverse the decay. Feedback allows you to reign in control or let loose the effect. Size adjusts the depth of the sound, while Low and Hi adjusts rate and output level.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Brandon from Cosmo Music. Today we're checking out the Eventide Blackhole Reverb. So the Blackhole Reverb is a really big ambient, luscious, just atmospheric reverb. This has been in the Eventide lineup for a long time but just in different iterations.

This pedal sports the same controls as the prior iterations, so it has the mix knob, the gravity knob. Counterclockwise this will do the inverse decay while clockwise it will have a regular decay. Then you also have the feedback knob, the size knob, the low and the highs. The button on the top right corner will have the secondary controls. So on the gravity, it will also control delay. On the feedback, it will also control resonance. Size, it'll do depth. Low, it'll do rate. High will do output level. Thanks for watching, guys. This was Brandon from Cosmo Music. This was the Eventide Blackhole. Come check it out at

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