Building the LEGO Fender Stratocaster and Princeton Reverb

Fender LEGO Stratocaster + Princeton Reverb

Building It Brick By Brick

When you think of a LEGO guitar set, you might not immediately think of a hardcore project. However, LEGO and Fender's 1,074-piece brain teaser is the ultimate enthusiast project. We took it upon ourselves to assemble it in all it's detail and film the process.

Fender LEGO Stratocaster + Princeton Reverb
Fender LEGO Princeton Reverb

Under The Hood

There's way more than what meets the eye with this detailed LEGO set. It's not just the exterior, but the interior of the amp that needs to be constructed. LEGO has cut pieces for capacitors, transistors, speaker parts, wires, knobs, patch cords, strings, and more. It mimics the actual constructed layout of an amp and guitar, all through glorious clicky plastic pieces.

Built For The Enthusiast

"This project is fun for anyone of all ages, but it is targeted towards the Fender enthusiast. There is a lot of attention to detail that fans will appreciate, from the intricacies of the amp to the detail in the strat itself. Its a fun afternoon project that everyone will enjoy and I recommend myself"

-Brady Harding, Cosmo Music

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Brady here in the repair department at Cosmo Music. Today we're going to be unboxing and assembling the Lego Fender Stratocaster and Princeton Reverb. Put together a thousand piece lego set. What's the age on this? Oh it's 18+! It's 18+! Two weeks of this, how many pages? Page three of 173! See when they first asked me to do this, they said put together a Lego set, they didn't say you have to act.

Oh, paper cut to start! Okay, oh that's the patch cord. Strings. Yeah, this is this is not easy, no way. Pretty extensive.

Okay, we have a lot of fun in the repair department taking on customer projects. There's always something unique to the player that comes in and keeps things interesting. We do a long list of repairs from re-frets to fret levels, to kit assemblies, wiring kits, general setups, and maintenance. There's always something coming in.

Well we're all done now. This was about six hours of assembly time. Makes a great afternoon project. Any fender fan will really appreciate this, the attention to detail was pretty incredible. Opening up the Princeton amp and doing the circuit board inside the speaker assembly, this was a lot of fun.

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