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Strumstick McNally D-33 D Grand w/Gig Bag



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Strumstick McNally D-33 D Grand w/Gig Bag

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  • Strumstick McNally D-33 D Grand w/Gig Bag

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Strumstick McNally D-33 D Grand w/Gig Bag

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Model D-33
The D Strumstick was designed to be in a different pitch range, with a different sonority than the G. The D plays the same way as the G, but is pitched lower. The D is more resonant and deeper sounding, and is often the first choice of guitar players. It is 33 inches long, 5 wide, and 1 deep. The woods are Padouk for the neck and body, Spruce for the soundboard, and Maple for the back. The tuning is D A D, with the high D being the same note as the middle string of the basic Strumstick. The low D is the same note as a guitar 4th string. It can also be tuned down as low as A (an octave below the Standard Strumstick) or up as high as F. Useable keys are A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, and F . The frets are placed to give a diatonic scale, with an additional flatted seventh. Pitch range is 2 1/2 octaves. The primary key is D (also see The Instructions Area, Alternate Tunings) The D Strumstick comes with a Free instruction book and instruction CD. Case available (see Accessories). The D Strumstick comes with the inlay Rosette (at no additional cost.) There are currently 6 different rosette designs.


*Case Included: Soft Padded Cases are made of a coated waterproofed material. Adjustable strap, pocket under the flap, velcro closure.

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