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Digital Music Production Group Program

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Digital Music Production Group Program


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Do you want to record your own music at home? This course provides a complete introduction to the tools, technologies and processes involved in recording your own digital productions.

Regardless of your platform (PC/Mac), your choice of software (i.e. Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Sonar), your style of music, or the instrument(s) you play, this course will provide common concepts in order to successfully capture your musical ideas. Also, a strong understanding of wiring, and applying these techniques to a live setting will be encouraged to give a balance to each student in both digital and acoustic musical environments.

Whether you already have a small home or portable studio set-up, or are just considering taking the plunge into recording your own music, this course is for you!

Every session will provide a clear and concise explanation of each component of a recording system, including the terms and processes.


A basic introduction to platform set-up, microphones, and digital instrumentation.


  • prerequisite: completion of 101 or upon teacher’s discretion

A more focused look into sound manipulation and mastering effects, as well as automation.


  • prerequisite: completion of 201 or upon teacher’s discretion

A detailed analysis of advanced effects and techniques and treatment of low frequencies.