• Jimmy's Album Review - The Avalanches Triumphantly Return With 'Wildflower'

    Posted on July 27, 2016 by Neil Shukla

    The Avalanches - Wildflower
    A Review by Jimmy Ruddock
    Before I begin this review I think it's important to start with a few definitions.
    1. Plunderphonics: Any music made by taking one or more existing audio recordings and altering them in some way to make a new composition.
    2. Crate Digger: A person who habitually looks through crates of vinyl records at music shops, especially in pursuit of rare or interesting albums.
    3. Sampling: The technique of digitally encoding music or sound and reusing it as part of a composition or recording.
    It's been 16 years since Australian band The Avalanches released their classic album 'Since [...]  Read more   

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  • The NEW Flea Signature Bass is red hot

    Posted on July 11, 2016 by Neil Shukla

    Flea’s funk- and jazz-influenced basslines helped propel the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the top of the rock and alternative charts while redefining the role of bass in the modern era. Flea’s unique playing style brought a welcome breath of fresh air to the musical landscape of the past four decades, inspiring countless bassists to add a funky touch to their sound while exploring new techniques and harmonic possibilities. To celebrate his enduring influence, we’ve recreated his prized Shell Pink ’61 Jazz Bass that he received from a fan and used to record the Peppers’ Stadium Arcadium and The Getaway [...]  Read more   

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  • Advance Stream of 'Loud Hailer', Jeff Beck's Latest Musical Statement

    Posted on July 8, 2016 by Cosmo Music

    Jeff Beck: Loud Hailer
    Jeff Beck,the legendary Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame guitarist, is often referred to as the "guitarist's guitarist". So, whenever he releases a new album, guitarists, in particular take note. Throughout his illustrious career Beck has always been a forward thinking musician, always thinking outside of the box, developing innovative guitar techniques. Starting with the British Invasion garage rock of The Yardbirds, to the pre Led Zeppelin bluesy hard rock of the Jeff Beck Group, to the landmark jazz fusion albums "Blow By Blow" and "Wired", and most recently his electronic influenced albums, he has never been [...]  Read more   

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  • The NEW Limited Edition Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar®

    Posted on July 5, 2016 by Neil Shukla

    Johnny Marr is best known as the strikingly dynamic guitarist-arranger-songwriter behind the Smiths, who redefined and ruled U.K. pop in the 1980s. A master of melody, layering and texture, Marr has brought his own instantly identifiable genius to the proceedings ever since, in stints with The The, Electronic, the Pretenders and Johnny Marr and the Healers, Modest Mouse, and the Cribs, to say nothing of his solo career and innumerable guest appearances. The Johnny Marr Jaguar is a fantastically non-standard model that is as distinctive as the sounds he wrings from it, with a wealth of highly specialized features ideal [...]  Read more   

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  • The New and Improved Zoom H4n Pro is here. Record cleaner, clearer, and closer than ever before.

    Posted on June 24, 2016 by Neil Shukla

    The Zoom H4n has been a solid audio recorder for anyone looking to capture high quality audio with built in mics and XLR inputs. The H4n Pro isn't just improved, it's superior in every way. With advanced X/Y microphones, incredibly natural-sounding preamps, and a super-low noise floor, the recording capabilities are endless.

    Click here to get yours today!


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  • The Eastman Guitars TEST DRIVE Experience - A Cosmo Music EXCLUSIVE (from July 2nd - 30th, 2016)

    Posted on June 23, 2016 by Neil Shukla

    Come into Cosmo Music this SATURDAY and test drive some sweet instruments from Eastman Guitars!
    THIS SATURDAY, JULY 30th from 2 - 5PM - Schmooze with the Eastman Guitars Expert!
    BILL CONDON from Eastman Guitars will be available in TOM'S GUITAR HANGAR on Saturday, July 30th from 2 - 5PM to answer any of your questions about any of Eastman's acoustic instruments. This is the perfect opportunity to get information directly from the source.
    Come in-store, head to TOM'S GUITAR HANGAR, test drive any in-stock Eastman acoustic and electric guitar, ukulele, banjo or mandolin and YOU will have a chance to WIN an....

    Eastman AC-GA2CE Grand [...] 

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  • Watch our interview with Omar Hakim & Yukon Blonde at CosmoFEST

    Posted on June 17, 2016 by Neil Shukla

    Omar Hakim is one of the greatest session drummers of all time. That is an unquestionable fact. He's worked with countless legendary artists including David Bowie, Sting, Dire Straits, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Madonna, and Daft Punk. I wanted to ask him many questions, but we only had a few minutes. I spoke to him about his recording process with Daft Punk as well as his general philosophy behind drumming.

    Yukon Blonde absolutely killed it on the main stage at CosmoFEST. I sat down with Jeffrey and Brandon before the show to talk about their latest album 'On Blonde', as well [...]  Read more   

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  • NEW Custom Shop Fender guitars are coming to Cosmo Music!

    Posted on June 17, 2016 by Neil Shukla

    It's basically GUARANTEED excitement whenever a new Fender Custom Shop guitar comes in to the store. These beauties are on their way.
    Yuriy Shishkov Masterbuilt Quilt Maple Top Telecaster - Sapphire Blue Trans
    Yuriy Shishkov is truly one of the last of the renaissance guitar builders. He's collaborated with many influential artists including Dimebag Darrell, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Nuno Bettencourt, Robin Zander, and Paul Stanley. We only had to see his name to know that this Telecaster will be built with some of the finest craftsmanship in the guitar world.

    1963 Journeyman Relic Jaguar - Aged Olympic White and Ice Blue
    The [...] 

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  • CosmoFEST AMPHITHEATRE Schedule Revealed - Cosmo MusicFEST & EXPO

    Event took place on June 4, 2016 by Cosmo Music

    NEW for 2016 - The CosmoFEST AMPHITHEATRE! - Saturday June 4, 2016

    Loaded with FREE performances, presentations and product demos, the CosmoFEST AMPHITHEATRE will be located in the Southwest corner of our parking lot across from the main store entrance.

    11AM & 2:30PM
    Alhambra Guitars
    (Gerald Saulter of SERENADE DUO)
    Renowned classical guitarist, Gerald Saulter, will be serenading the crowd using a selection of Alhambra's finest nylon string, Spanish-made guitars.
    11:30AM & 3PM
    RekordBox DJ Syllabus
    (Dikran Polodian)
    Dikran Polodian will demonstrate how Pioneer's rekordbox supports every aspect of DJing for a creative, hassle-free experience.
    12PM & 3:30PM
    The Many faces of the korg pa4x
    (Steve McNally)
    Steve McNally will let you experience [...] 

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  • The Gibson Custom Shop Trailer Stopping by CosmoFEST - Cosmo MusicFEST & EXPO

    Event took place on June 4, 2016 by Cosmo Music

    Gibson Custom Shop Trailer at CosmoFEST - Saturday June 4, 2016

    The Gibson Custom Shop Trailer is rolling across Canada and making a SPECIAL TOUR STOP at Cosmo Music for CosmoFEST 2016. Filled with rare and Limited Custom Shop pieces, come aboard the trailer to glance, touch and play these beautiful one-of-a-kind instruments.

    Gibson sales staff will be on hand to help with any of your questions you may have!
    About Gibson Custom Shop
    For over 20 years Gibson Custom has proudly been the torchbearer of, not only Gibson’s legacy, but also American craftsmanship and the value of human ingenuity. We believe today, as [...]  Read more   

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