<![CDATA[CosmoMusic.ca Blog]]> Sat, 13 Feb 2016 17:10:23 +0000 en hourly 1 <![CDATA[NAMM 2016 - Epiphone Guitars]]> Sun, 24 Jan 2016 11:12:30 +0000 Epiphone guitars are always incredible guitars for the price, real quality that you can get your hands on.

The 100th Anniversary Custom and Tommy Thayer "White Lightning" guitar are new offerings at NAMM 2016. Dan shows us below:

No compromises in quality here.

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<![CDATA[NAMM 2016 - Ritter Guitars, coming to Cosmo Music]]> Sun, 24 Jan 2016 01:37:34 +0000

Jens Ritter is an out-of-the-box guitar builder, to say the least. A true conceptual artisan, Ritter Guitars are wonderfully eccentric pieces. That's why we can't help but be drawn to them, and we've acquired 3 new pieces, coming to Cosmo Music!

Jens Ritter told us all about these pieces:

The Jim Beam Campfire Guitar

The Hot Stone Bass

The Roya 5 String Bass

Stay tuned for more info on when you can gaze upon these yourself.

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<![CDATA[NAMM 2016 - BOSS]]> Sat, 23 Jan 2016 19:58:47 +0000

BOSS have announced some new pedals and effects at NAMM 2016.

The BC-1X is the ideal bass compressor. See an overview below:

The ES-5 Effects Switching system has some new innovations that make it seamless to switch between effects. See an overview below:

The Vocoder VO-1 is just plain cool. This is Daft Punk in a pedal.

The Waza Craft Vibrato VB-2 is a high quality, no compromise vibrato pedal.

The Waza Craft amp is a tone machine. All the innovative tech from BOSS pedals made into an amp.

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<![CDATA[NAMM 2016 - The Eddie Van Halen Replica Guitar, only ONE in Canada, and we're getting it]]> Sat, 23 Jan 2016 15:44:46 +0000

Eddie Van Halen needs no introduction. As guitarists, we know the mind boggling intensity of his solos (and who hasn't spent hours on end trying to nail Eruption). We're huge fans, and that's why this guitar caught our eye.

There are only 20 of these in the world, and only ONE coming to Canada, and we're getting it at Cosmo Music. We couldn't be more stoked.

Those who attended the 2015 Van Halen tour definitely noticed the striking aged-looking ivory Wolfgang USA guitar that Eddie played on stage.

Eddie originally planned on using the same guitar in black, but he asked master builder Chip Ellis to build him this guitar with a detailed relic treatment so that the original coat of black paint showed through the ivory top coat.

"Chip built that for me and did a wonderful job" Van Halen said in a recent interview. "It immediately became my main guitar during rehearsals and the tour"

The custom built instrument also features an ebony fingerboard, block freboard inlays, custom kill switch, EVH custom high friction tone pot, and an EVH "HPU" (High Performance Upgrade)

"It's the only volume pot I've found where I can play Cathedral without any crackle or pop", he said.

We talked to Chip Ellis, the designer of Eddie Van Halen's touring guitar, about this painstakingly re-created limited edition guitars. Watch the overview below:

Watch the unedited interview below:

Stay tuned for more info on how to get your hands on this piece of pure rock 'n' roll.

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<![CDATA[NAMM 2016 - MESA Boogie Factory Tour with Cosmo Music]]> Tue, 19 Jan 2016 12:01:08 +0000

"Every little thing here at MESA/Boogie is calculated for one purpose only: To Handcraft A Better All-Tube Amplifier."


Cosmo Music was in Petaluma, California yesterday visiting the MESA/Boogie factory. They have called Petaluma their home since 1980. Every MESA/Boogie amp is made entirely in this factory.

UPDATE: Video coming soon!

Above is the hallowed work area of Randall Smith, who has been rebuilding small combos into high-performance monsters since 1969. Decades ago, Smith asked a young Carlos Santana to play an amp that he had modified. After a loud and inspired play test, Santana said "Man, that amp really Boogies!" In 1971, Randall introduced the world to the MARK I Boogie - changing the sound of the electric guitar forever.

This is the infamous Mike B (left) of MESA/Boogie standing alongside Cosmo Music's Paul Luis (right). If you own any early Boogie amplifier, there is a good chance that Mike B's initials are on the chassis.

MESA/Boogie amps blend a solid PCB with flying-lead/hand-wiring to create a remarkable consistency in their quality across their lineup.

Above is a prototype of the first Dual Rectifier amp.

The gentleman on the right, Duan, is responsible for the Custom Hardwood Program. There are plenty of outstanding colour options for your custom hardwood MESA/Boogie.

Above is one of the special pieces of quilt maple - hand-selected by Cosmo Music.

Amps are play tested, undergo a 24-hour burn-in period, another electronic check before installation into a cabinet, experience a final play test by a different musician, then one last inspection before packing.

From the least to the most expensive amp, every one uses the identical top grade materials and assembly techniques. The company continues to introduce a long list of innovations and patents that have shaped the world of electric guitar tone. 

This is an Original King Snake MARK I Boogie owned by Carlos Santana.

Randall and the MESA team continue their "commitment of over 40 years to designing and hand building the ultimate instruments for electric guitar and bass... allowing you to find and define your musical voice."

Cosmo Music had an incredible tour of the MESA/Boogie factory and are proud to be their #1 independent retailer in Canada - two years in a row!

Check out our extensive inventory of MESA/Boogie amps NOW!

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<![CDATA[It's Epiphone SG Month! Get a FREE Gig Bag with the purchase of an Epiphone SG.]]> Thu, 07 Jan 2016 16:13:15 +0000

It's Epiphone SG Month, and here are a few of the select classic Epiphone “SG” models eligible for a FREE gigbag during January 2016.

SG Special
The SG Special is a great way to get the classic SG sound at a price anyone can afford. Featuring a Mahogany body, LockTone™ Tune-o-Matic bridge, KillPot™ switch, and Epiphone humbuckers. Available in a Cherry and Ebony color finish.

The G-310 is based on the classic 1967 Gibson SG and features a beautiful Ebony color finish, a LockTone™ Tune-o-Matic bridge, and Epiphone Humbuckers.

Worn G-400
The G-400 is the Epiphone edition of the legendary 1962 SG and has incredible sustain. With Grover® machine heads, Alnico Classic™ humbuckers, and a LockTone™ Tune-o-Matic bridge. Available in two beautiful finishes, Worn Cherry and Worn Brown, along with an ‘aged’ fingerboard.

G-400 PRO
Epiphone honors the historic SG, one of the most original designs in rock, with the G-400 PRO featuring Alnico Classic PRO™ pickups with push/pull coil-splitting and Wilkinson™ machine heads. Cherry and Ebony color finishes.

<![CDATA[NAMM 2016 - Martin announces new acoustic guitar models]]> Wed, 06 Jan 2016 16:32:46 +0000 Martin announces 5 new acoustic guitar models for 2016. Here are some of the finest additions to Martin's stellar lineup.


UPDATE: We just confirmed that we are receiving one of these for our store. Only 3 in Canada!

John Lennon 75th Anniversary D-28.

"This guitar celebrates John's life and songwriting. May it inspire all who play it to carry the torch
of peace and light that John embraced through his own life and music." -Yoko Ono

To commemorate John Lennon’s 75th Birthday, this model is limited to only 75 instruments. This amazing Dreadnought will be highly sought after for many years and is sure to be a wonderful addition to any guitar enthusiast’s collection. A solid Adirondack spruce top with Vintage Tone System is combined with Madagascar rosewood back and sides for a strong and powerful bass resonance – the back being inlaid with HD-28 style zig-zag peace sign marquetry. The Madagascar rosewood headplate is adorned with John Lennon’s famous self-portrait illustration that rests beneath the Martin script logo. This beautiful mother-of-pearl, John Lennon themed design is inlaid throughout this model to make this a truly unique instrument.

D-222 Anniversary Edition
The very first Dreadnought guitars were designed and crafted by C. F. Martin & Co. in 1916, but marketed in Boston and New York exclusively under the Oliver Ditson brand. After Ditson went out of business in the early 1930s, Martin introduced the D-1 and D-2 Dreadnoughts for standard playing style that would soon become Martin’s iconic D-18 and D-28 models. Over the past 100 years, the Martin Dreadnought has defined what an acoustic guitar can and should be, and subsequently, it has
become the most popular acoustic guitar design in the world.

Limited to only 100 fine instruments, the D-222 commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the Dreadnought (1916-2016). A 12-fret Dreadnought crafted from a Sitka spruce top with Vintage Tone System, mahogany back and sides, grained ivoroid binding, slotted headstock, and an ebony fingerboard and bridge, this guitar will be a cherished instrument for years to come.


CS-OM True North-16
Limited to only 50 instruments, this Orchestra model features an ebony fingerboard, bridge and headplate, a solid Adirondack spruce top and exceptionally figured Koa back and sides, which produces a beautiful, well-balanced tone. The back features a spectacular compass design inlaid with flamed jarrah, Claro walnut, waterfall bubinga and Paua pearl. The ebony headplate also has a True North design inlaid with mother of pearl. While this limited edition Custom Shop model is not a Dreadnought style, it demonstrates how a manufacturer with 183 years of tradition and premiere craftsmanship can continue to introduce innovative design elements while remaining authentic to our illustrious history.


000-42 AUTHENTIC 1939
Remaining true to its origins, the 000-42 Authentic 1939 is meticulously crafted with hide glue construction, dovetail neck joint, solid Adirondack spruce top with Vintage Tone System (www.martinguitar.com/VTS), solid Madagascar rosewood back and sides and black ebony fingerboard and bridge. This is a 000 model that will reward players with its rich sustain and crisp
tone for generations.

00-18 AUTHENTIC 1931
Faithfully reproduced with hide glue construction, dovetail neck joint, Adirondack spruce top with Vintage Tone System (www.martinguitar.com/VTS), genuine mahogany back and sides and a black ebony fingerboard and bridge, this 00-12 fret guitar will appeal to a broad range of players and musical styles with its well-balanced tone.

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<![CDATA[Meet the new MESA/Boogie Mark Five: 35. Compact Power.]]> Tue, 17 Nov 2015 16:36:57 +0000 The new MESA/Boogie Mark Five: 35 is here, bringing instantly gratifying tone in a compact package.

Check out the 1x12 combo here, and the head here.

The Mark Five: 35 has everything you love about the Mark Five: 25:

1. Lightweight Portability
2. Two Channel Simplicity & Instant TONE Gratification
3. Legendary Circuits from the Mark IIC+TM, Mark IVTM and Mark VTM

PLUS things that will make you love the 35 even MORE:

1. More Gigable Multi-WattTM Power Options: 35, 25 or 10 Watts per Channel
2. Compact, Lightweight 1x12 Combo Format
3. New Channel Independent SOLO Control
4. Richer, Long-Tank, Spring Reverb
5. Full Set of Cabinet Voices on Built-In CabCloneTM (now includes “Vintage”)

<![CDATA[Line 6 wants you to crank up the volume with their Instant Rebates!]]> Mon, 16 Nov 2015 16:51:55 +0000 Effects and recording are at the top of Line 6's game this year!

Here's what they are offering for this holiday season...

Line 6's multi-effects pedals give you a wide range of versatile sounds.

  • Receive a $50 Instant Rebate on M9 Pedalboard (use promo M950 coupon code at checkout)
  • Receive a $50 Instant Rebate on M13 Pedalboard (use promo M1350 coupon code at checkout)
  • Receive a $50 Instant Rebate on Delay Modeler DL4 (use promo DL450 coupon code at checkout)

The AMPLIFi family is a reinvention of the guitar amp, designed for living room aesthetics and modern tech integration.

  • Receive a $50 Instant Rebate on AMPLIFi 150 (use promo AMP15050 coupon code at checkout)
  • Receive a $100 Instant Rebate on AMPLIFi 75 (use promo AMP75100 coupon code at checkout)

The AMPLIFi FX100 Effect Pedal and AMPLIFi TT Effect Pedal

Offer available from November 1, 2015 until December 31, 2015

Contact TOM'S GUITAR HANGAR at 905.770.5222 ext. 360

<![CDATA[Instant Rebates on select PRS SE Guitars and Basses]]> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 12:15:35 +0000 From Oct 5th - Dec 31st, 2015 (In-store only)

This is your chance to SAVE on that PRS SE axe you've been eyeing forever! And the savings are INSTANT at the till - no need to fill out any forms or dig up receipts!




  • SE Mark Tremonti Standards (TRS models) - $30 INSTANT REBATE
  • Santana Standard & Specials (STCS and SP models respectively) - $30 INSTANT REBATE
  • All Other In-stock PRS SE Models - $50 INSTANT REBATE
PRS SE Instant Rebates


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